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Where to Find the Best WoW Macros for Your Class

You’re probably aware by now that you cannot play World of Warcraft on a superior level without macros. On the other hand, creating and tweaking WoW macros for each one of your characters is troublesome. Also, if you don’t use the right macros for WoW for each spec of your character, your gameplay may even worsen.

So, where can you find the best WoW macros for your class? There are three places to look.

1. Firstly, you should try to get information about the best WoW macros that fit to your race, class and spec directly from the game. I usually ask in guild chat, and if I don’t get any satisfying help from my guildies, I go to plan B.

During rush hour I find one or two super geared players, with Gladiator, Arena Master or any other super PvE titles, and ask them what macros they use. Of course, some might be reluctant in sharing that information, but most of the time I find a player kind enough to share a few bits of knowledge about the best WoW macros for a certain class.

2. Secondly, you can check forums. There are plenty of elite players “showing off” on forums, explaining their macros and the reasons they use them. Chances are to find at least one or two useful macros for WoW that fit to your character even on the forum.

3. And the last and probably the best solution for finding the best WoW macros regards this very nice WoW macros and keybindings addon. Believe it or not, you can benefit from the all the World of Warcraft keybinds and macros used by the pros with just a click of a button, without having to get brain spasms writing them yourself. I’ve been working with this addon lately and I have improved quite a lot as well.

Tip: Keep in mind that using tons of macros isn’t exactly the best choice. You need to use only the best WoW macros for PvP and PvE, and yes, the tool for keybindings and macros I mentioned above is the solution for that.

Useful WoW Macros For Any Class

You’re probably thinking right now that each class can use only specific WoW macros to its abilities and keybinds. However, there are useful WoW macros that will simplify your gameplay regardless of the class you play.

I’ll give you here a few examples.

First of all, I’d like to speak about the /whisper WoW macros. It’s not very easy to create a WoW macro to whisper something to a targetted player. And unlike in other games, /whisper %t [message] doesn’t work in World of Warcraft. To create a macro like that is a little bit difficult. Therefore, here’s an example of one of the useful WoW macros that I use, when I’m looking for a mage to make me a portal to Dalaran.

/run if UnitExists”target”then SendChatMessage(” Hi. WTB portal to Dalaran — Paying a 30g FEE. I am close to you.”,”WHISPER”,nil,UnitName”target”)end

Of course, you may think that using the trade chat for that should be enough, but on my server, mages are quite lazy and lame, so I have to use this macro, to let them know I’m right near them and in a few seconds they will make 30g.

Other useful WoW macros that involve chatting are easier to write. Just type…

/bg [message]


/c 2 [message]

…and you will be able to repeat that particular message easily, with just one click, without needing to write it every time.


/bg Group 1 – LM, Group 2 – Blacksmith, Group 3 – Farm. Claim+Defend+Report = WIN!

This is one of the very useful WoW macros that I use in Arathi Basin. Gives players direction and motivation, and really increases the chances to win this battleground even with a random group of players.


Not many players use the right WoW PvP macros and that’s probably one of the main reasons they can’t climb higher than 2000 arena rating. That’s why in this post, I’m going to focus a little bit on the most important macros to use in PvP.

But first, I want to clarify on thing. Being successful in PvP doesn’t mean to use as many macros as possible. Yes, WoW macros are helpful in PvP, because they allow you to manage your quickbars better, simplify your gameplay and achieve nice healing or damage bursts, or turtle whenever you’re taking heavy fire. But to be effective, to adapt better to the combat situation, in most cases you have to use your abilities as they are. So, macros must not completely replace your combat styles, spells or abilites, otherwise you will waste your cooldowns.

Now, which are the most important WoW PvP macros?

First of all, macros that combine cooldowns which increase your damage or healing are very important to have. However, you have to hit a macro like at the right moment, so that at least one opponent is defeated in case you’re a DPS, or the player that is under heavy attack survives, in case you’re the healer.

It’s not indicated to combine defensive abilities in WoW PvP macros because it’s best to use them one at the time, to always have a defensive CD up, to counter a damage burst. However, if for example you’re in a 5v5 team, and all the enemy DPS is on you, it’s not a bad idea to have 2-3 defensive CDs in a WoW PvP macro, to survive that heavy attack and also help your healers.

Castsequence macros which are quite effective in PvE, are not that proficient for PvP, because, as I said, most of the time you need to improvise.

For example, this is a long castsequence macro for a DK, which works pretty nicely in PvE:

/castsequence reset=4 Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Blood Strike, Pestilence, Obliterate, Frost Strike, Frost Strike

However, in PvP it’s best to reduce that macro only to:

/castsequence reset=4 Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Blood Strike, Pestilence

or not even insert the abilities that use Blood Runes, limiting your macro just to the first 2 disease generating attacks, like this:

/castsequence reset=4 Icy Touch, Plague Strike

So, in conclusion, try to keep your WoW PvP macros short, simple and effective.

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