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WoW Keybinding Addon – Is It Legit?

I don’t know if there’s any other MMO apart from World of Warcraft that’s able to load up so many addons. Last time I checked the most popular WoW addons website, I think I saw about 4200 live addons, which are completely legal. On the other hand, there are other kinds of addons, which aren’t allowed by Blizzard. The cheats! Well, the WoW keybinding addon that I’ve been working with is far from being a cheat.

I haven’t been banned for using it, and believe me, the World of Warcraft Warden program is quite vigilant. For example, a friend of mine wanted to get the fishing achievement “The One That Didn’t Get Away” and since the rare fish is quite hard to catch, he got a fishing cheat. His account was banned after only 1 hour, and on the description of that fishing cheat said it was untraceable.

Anyway, back to the WoW keybinding addon that I’ve been working with. Although only part of it works like an addon, and the main loader of keybindings has to be used before starting the game, there’s no reason for Blizzard to ban any account for using it. That’s because it really is a friendly addon, simply allowing you to load up optimized keybindings, saving you a lot of time.

I was really curious about it, because it seemed something different from the other addons I’ve been using and to be honest that’s why I got it. So, that’s the main reason I got this in-game WoW keybinding addon, and to be honest, I got a bit dependent on it. The new keybindings are much better then my old ones, and have opened new dimensions to the gameplay of my characters.

Learn more about this great in-game WoW Macros Guide, <<< here.

A Handy WoW Macro For Engineers

Although is an expensive profession to level up, engineering is one of the professions that will bring you a lot of fun especially in PvP. There are plenty of bombs, rockets and gizmos to use if you’re an engineer. Anyway, I’m writing this post not exactly to tell you a special WoW macro for any engineer, but to let you know what product of engineering to use in your WoW macros to increase your effectiveness.

Once you reach 425 in engineering, you will get a very neat gloves enchantment – Synapse Springs. This gloves enchantment will provide you a 10 sec. buff that will increase your main attribute (Strength, Agility or Intellect) by 480, with a 1 minute cooldown.

Therefore, you will have a nice damage or healing boost for 10 seconds, and this cooldown should be combined in any damage or healing boost WoW macro that you’re currently using with your class.

For example, with my rogue I have this macro:

/cast Vendetta
/cast Combat Readiness
/use 10

It sucks though that to the whole duration of the 480 Agility, Strength or Intellect buff, you can’t use a similar trinket. Also, if you used the trinket and the buff from your trinket lasts 20 sec., you can’t use the gloves for that duration.

That’s why, for my warrior, I have a WoW macro combining Inner Rage, Sweeping Strikes and the gloves, and a WoW macro that combines Deadly Calm, Blood Fury and my trinket. This way, I have two extra-sweet damage burst macros. Anyway, regardless of the class you play, I hope you will use this nice engineering buff in the right WoW macro.


WoW Keybind Guide for a Warrior Tank

If you play a warrior and you would like to try the tank spec, it’s best to know first what abilities you should use, and how to actually play, to be an effective tank. The secret lies within your key binding. Therefore, here’s a brief WoW keybind guide for a warrior tank.

Before I tell you what abilities and where you should bind them in your main bar, you should know the mechanics of a warrior tank. So, the first part of this short WoW keybind guide will tell you that.

Charge and/or Heroic Throw should be openers for your combat session. As you reach the first target, you must apply Rend on it, immediately, followed by a Thunder Clap to spread the bleed on all targets. By doing this, basically the threat is yours. To seal the pull, a Shock Wave should be enough. Next, you should use Cleave, Shield Slam and Devastate as you like, but every time Thunder Clap is up, use it.

Now, for the second part of this short WoW keybind guide, let’s see how your bar should look like.

Although, you have to use AoE’s like Cleave and Thunder Clap every time they’re up, to keep a large pack of mobs on you, it’s best to have on 1,2,3 abilities with a short global cooldown. So, I use: 1 – Cleave, 2 – Devastate, 3 – Shield Slam. Shockwave should be on 4, followed by Victory Rush, on 5.

Now, your Charge and a Rend + Thunder Clap macro should be placed on keys E and R. That’s how I have them, they work for me.

As a final word to this WoW keybind guide, you should know that this is the key binding I’ve been using on my warrior. Most of the elite players disagree on the order on the quick bar. So, in case you want to look at the most used keybinds for a tank-warrior, I recommend you to download this automatic WoW Keybind Guide.

Also, check out this short WoW key binding guide for DK tanks.

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