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WoW Key Binding Guide For A Death Knight Tank

Beginning with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, the Death Knight class has become quite an important tanking class in World of Warcraft. Not specially because their defenses, but due to the fact that they have a very nice AoE control. Anyway, if you have DK tank, or you’re planning to roll one, here’s a brief WoW key binding guide that will allow you to tank every instance like a pro.

However, before I tell you how to bind your main abilities, it’s important for you to know the rotation. Needless to say, you must have Blood spec and the Blood Presence on. So, for an excellent AoE threat or even single target threat, it’s best to start with Death and Decay, apply diseases, spread them with Pestilence, use Hearth Strike or Blood Boil to spend the second Blood Rune, then hit Death Strike a few times to deal some damage and heal yourself.

So, here’s a brief WoW key binding guide for your main bar:

Button 1: Sequence macro containing Icy Touch, Plague Strike and Pestilence. Hitting this macro 3 times, you’ll have diseases spread on all mobs.

Button 2: Heart Strike – a super powerful Blood combat style which hits 3 targets, excellent to build threat if you need to tank 2-3 mobs.

Button 3: Blood Boil – in case you need to tank more than 3-4 mobs, this ability should replace Heart Strike in your rotation.

Button 4: Death Strike – main damaging style that also heals yourself.

These are the 1-4 keybinds that I’ve been using since I play my DK. Anyway, if you want a complete WoW key binding guide for your character, no matter if it’s a DK or not, or even better, if you want to work with the complete keybindings and macros of the pros, I strongly recommend you this automatic WoW Key Binding Guide.

Works for any class!


When I started to use this WoW keybind addon, I just wanted an optimized keybinding for my warrior. You know, to play a warrior properly, you need your abilities bound on the right keys and the best macros, to be able to change stances properly and play on a higher level.

What made me get this addon was that I never seem to get the right order and the perfect configuration to allow me to use the full potential of my fury warrior, in arena. I know, I know, fury might not be the best spec for PvP, but I’ve always wanted to be different. And I knew that once I get a perfectly balanced keybinding, I’ll be as good as any arms warrior in arena. Needless to say, this WoW keybind addon has opened for me this possibility.

Ok, once I got my new keybind and got used to it, our team reached 2560 rating in 3v3, (from 2160) – IN ONLY ONE NIGHT! So, you might say I was the one that sucked big time.

After a while, I got bored of my warrior and rolled a shammy. And yes, this WoW keybind addon was loading up the keybinds for me as I leveled up. Not only that it works for any class in World of Warcraft, its database contains the best keybinding and macros for any spec that you can play with any class.

The one thing that bothered me, though. The keybinds are super for the normal left hand – keyboard, right hand – mouse setup, that’s for sure. But there are players that keep their mouse on the left and the right hand on the keyboard. All keybinds contained by this WoW keybind addon appear to be only in this setup. So, how does a left handed play?

Don’t worry, I’ve checked. If you want a left hander setup for your keybinding, all you need to do is contact the team that has put together this WoW keybinds addon, and they’ll customize a keybind setup that will work for you. Therefore, regardless if you’re a left handed gamer or not, you’ll still be able to play like a pro!

Is This WoW Key Binding Addon a Scam?

To be honest with you, about everything that I buy online, I take into account the possibility that it might be a scam. That’s why before I buy it, I look on the seller’s page if there’s a money-back guarantee. And yes, the WoW key binding addon that I’ve been working with has this feature, in fact, it has a 60-day money back guarantee which means the addon is solid.

Anyway, there’s more I want to say about it. Only part of it works like an addon. This WoW key binding addon comes with a set of PDFs for any class, and the addon part drags them into the game so that you can see exactly where your abilities a slotted. The main part of this WoW key binding addon, the keybinds and macros loader, doesn’t even need to be in the addons WoW folder. It’s actually a program that you open before starting the game, to load up on a desired character, the WoW keybindings of the pros.

This WoW key binding addon really works, it’s not a scam. The only thing that you may not like about it is that you’ll have to get used with the new keybindings. Anyway, since these new keybinds are quite optimized, this shouldn’t take long. Anyway, you can still save your old keybindings if you want, so, in case you really don’t like the new keybinds for a character, you can load up your old setup back.

Last thing I want to add here, this excellent WoW macros and keybindings tool is the ultimate resource that you need, to play like a pro.

To learn more about such a useful WoW keybindings and macro tool, click here: WoW Keybindings Addon.

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