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WoW Keybind for Your Food and Water

A well geared character will never need to drink during a raid or a heroic, but in arena things are a bit different. Especially if you have a mage in your team, it’s vital to ask for “cookies” if they forget to make some and use them if necessary. But in case you have too many abilities and macros, it’s going to be quite hard to find a convenient slot for your food and water.

So, I’m going to provide here a few solutions, but first, I have to speak a little about the importance of such a WoW keybind.

Many players just open their inventory and click on the mage biscuits to regenerate, but that requires additional button hits and clicks. In arena, this fact will cut off a little bit of your effectiveness. You may lose precious seconds that might cost your team the match.

A good solution to key bind your food and water is to pop the additional right bars. You can slot your treats there, without any WoW keybind, being close for a click.

However, you can even do better than this. You can construct a macro for your food, combining other HP or mana healing abilities with it. For example, a druid can put on WoW keybind, a macro that involves Innervate, Conjured Mana Cake and a Mythical Mana Potion in it, for a quick regen, in case of a large mana pool.

The potion won’t work in arena, of course, but in a BG, this macro:

/cast Innervate
/use Conjured Mana Cake
/use Mythical Mana Potion

… will be very handy.

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Indeed, a balanced WoW keybinding will allow you to get rid of your crappy DPS in a raid. Not only that, but being able to perform complete and effective rotations, you will also reach the top of the DPS meter, even if you wear average gear.

So, here’s what you need to change in your current WoW key binding in case it happens to be the main cause of you sucking as a DPS.

First of first, I’m pretty sure you already have your main damaging spells or melee combat styles bound on the first keys of your main bar. But, if you have other abilities less used, but still necessary, DO NOT bound them after the 6 key. Even if you have big hands and long fingers, the keys from “7″ to “=” are hard to reach. So, you can leave those empty if you want. It wouldn’t make much of a difference.

On the other hand, although your AoE abilities shouldn’t be part of the main rotation, you must keep them at hand. In case there will be massive trash pulls, or the boss spawns many adds that must be AoE’d down, you need to spam your AoE abilities to hit as many targets as possible. Best WoW keybinding for AoE spells is on the letter Q or E.

Last but not least, you must always remember that even a crappy DPS, is better than a dead DPS. So, even if you’re not going to score a high damage, sometimes is better to keep your threat low. So, don’t forget the WoW keybinding of your threat reset abilities. These must also be easy to reach. I usually keep them on Z or X keys, near my other defensive CDs.

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Well, the beginning of this title has probably given you a hint already. If your speed of reaction in arena or PvE isn’t exactly your number one skill as a World of Warcraft player, I must inform you that there are solutions for improvement in this direction. And yes, it has something to do with using a balanced key binding.

So, how can you tweak your WoW key binding to achieve a high reaction rate? Here are 2 short and sweet solutions.

1. Keep your quick bars simple, using only the spells and/or combat skills that you really need. A simple WoW key binding, will make your character easy to play. The most used abilities, the ones with instant or a few seconds cooldown, must be part of your main bar.

Example: If you’re a rogue, Mutilate, Backstab and Envenom, needless to say, must be somewhere on your 1-6 keys.

Also, the important cooldowns that will grant you a damage, healing or defense boost must be kept in the range of your keyboard hand. This will also make your WoW key binding more effective.

Example: If you play a tank, place the cooldown that grants you a high defense boost (like Shield Wall, Icebound Fortitude or Barkskin) on Z, X or R. By no means place an important CD like this on keys that are out of the reach of your fingers.

2. Another important aspect of a balanced WoW key binding that will allow your to increase your reaction speed, is macros. Especially the macros that use all your damaging abilities simultaneously are the most indicated for both PvP and PvE.

These two solutions should do pretty nicely for any player, especially for arena gameplay. I do think these are 2 WoW key binding tweaks that will increase your speed of reaction.


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