Have you ever reached a point where you and your team mates seem to be stuck for your arena rating? Can’t go higher and can’t go lower wither. Well, I’ve been there quite a few times. And this problem may have quite a few causes. One of the main causes happens to be the key binding WoW that you or your team mates are using.

Anyway, before taking a look at the key binding WoW problem, let’s check the other causes first.

1. Lag. You or one of your team mates might have spiky connection. No matter what key binding WoW you’re using, how good you are at playing World of Warcraft, or what macros you have as part of your keybind, a lag spike at a 2300-2400 rating will cost your team the match. Fix that, and you’ll go higher.

2. One of your team mates has just reached his skill limits. This can also be fixed. Might take a little time, but with a little brainstorming, open discussion with all team members, and one or two days of duels, you or that particular team member should be ready for the next level.

3. And of course, a bad key binding WoW can be and usually is, the bad apple that pulls the team back. So, in case you reach a point where you just can’t go higher, take a look at your keybindings, carry out any tweak that may improve yourself (and your team mates should do that too), and exclude whatever abilities or macros slow you down, and the team should be ready for advancing.

Anyway, if you really do need a balanced WoW keybinding, it’s best to use an addon for it. They usually contain super optimized WoW keybindings. It’s not easy to start once more to reconfigure all the bars of a level 85 character. So, why not use the same key binding WoW that the pro players use?

No matter what class, race or role you play, your keybindings WoW must include your main cooldowns. So, where is it best to fit your main cooldowns?

We’ll get to that, but first, I want to clarify one thing, and that’s the World of Warcraft meaning of “cooldown”. In this game, players call “cooldowns” their abilities that considerably improve their damage, healing or defense, and that have a re-use timer higher than 30 seconds. These abilities are quite important and you have to use easily accessible keybindings WoW for them, otherwise you won’t be effective.

Therefore, here are a few ideas to fit your cooldowns for tanks, healers and DPS classes.

1. Tanks. Every tank has at least one or two defensive cooldowns (example: Icebound Fortitude for death knights). These are the most important abilities to use in case you’re taking to much damage. My key bindings WoW for these are usually on F1-F4.

2. Healers. Similar to tanks, healers have cooldowns that boost their healing. Since you can’t be a tank and a healer at the same time, I use the same key bindings WoW for the healing CDs – F1 – F4.

3. Damage dealers. Now, since you also have DPS cooldowns as a healer and as a tank for most classes, I like to keep my DPS cooldowns to F5-F8.  This way, I never hit the wrong button.

Another excellent alternative for loading up and using optimized keybindings WoW relies on an addon. This addon is quite a nice tool to have specially if you find the creation of macros and keybinds boring. Also, it will provide you with the keybindings WoW that only the elite WoW players use.

Not many players like to waste their time writing and tweaking WoW macros, and to be honest, neither do I. But if you want to be competitive especially in arena optimized key bindings WoW are necessary. And since any keybinding requires at least a few macros to allow you to play on a higher level, here are 3 type of easy macros that  any lazy WoW player like me can and should write and use.

A macro that will pop all your damage or healing abilities. Choose a suggestive tooltip for it an bind close at hand. A macro like this is very useful for creating a high damage or healing output for a short period of time. That’s why it’s important to have one as part of your key bindings WoW.

This way, your team will have higher chances to kill one or two opponents  during that short damage burst, or survive the opponents’ damage burst.

Example: (a nice burst WoW rogue macro)

/cast Shadow Dance
/cast Blood Fury
/use 13

In case you don’t like to push buttons in a certain order, and you want to reduce all your main rotation to one button, you can create a simple sequence macro. However, this is most indicated for PvE not for PvP. In arena or battlegrounds you must improvise and a long sequence macro as part of your key bindings WoW will limit your moves.

Example: (2-styles sequence for a warrior)

/castsequence reset=4 Mortal Strike, Heroic Strike

Of course, you can add other combat styles to it and modify the reset timer, but as I said, it’s best to keep your macro short and your key bindings WoW optimized.

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