You’re probably thinking right now that each class can use only specific WoW macros to its abilities and keybinds. However, there are useful WoW macros that will simplify your gameplay regardless of the class you play.

I’ll give you here a few examples.

First of all, I’d like to speak about the /whisper WoW macros. It’s not very easy to create a WoW macro to whisper something to a targetted player. And unlike in other games, /whisper %t [message] doesn’t work in World of Warcraft. To create a macro like that is a little bit difficult. Therefore, here’s an example of one of the useful WoW macros that I use, when I’m looking for a mage to make me a portal to Dalaran.

/run if UnitExists”target”then SendChatMessage(” Hi. WTB portal to Dalaran — Paying a 30g FEE. I am close to you.”,”WHISPER”,nil,UnitName”target”)end

Of course, you may think that using the trade chat for that should be enough, but on my server, mages are quite lazy and lame, so I have to use this macro, to let them know I’m right near them and in a few seconds they will make 30g.

Other useful WoW macros that involve chatting are easier to write. Just type…

/bg [message]


/c 2 [message]

…and you will be able to repeat that particular message easily, with just one click, without needing to write it every time.


/bg Group 1 – LM, Group 2 – Blacksmith, Group 3 – Farm. Claim+Defend+Report = WIN!

This is one of the very useful WoW macros that I use in Arathi Basin. Gives players direction and motivation, and really increases the chances to win this battleground even with a random group of players.