It’s almost impossible to be competitive in arena without using any macros whatsoever. Using a whole bunch of macros might not be a good idea though, because that way your actions might just become limited and your gameplay hindered. So, in this short WoW keybindings guide, I’m going to point out a few macros that you should fit into your keybinding.

The first macro that I’m going to speak in this short WoW keybindings guide refers to cooldown burning. At least one damage or healing burst macro is necessary if you want to play arena like a pro. There are moments when your team needs a damage burst, for example. So, your leader will give the order on speaker, something like “Everyone – damage burst on healer, NOW!” or something like that and that macro will help you achieve maximum DPS in a fraction of a second.

The second type of macros that I want to speak about in this WoW keybindings guide are sequence macros. Although in PvE you can use long sequence macros, which combine 6-7 abilities, in arena you must keep them short, because I have to improvise. So, don’t put in a sequence more than 3 abilities.

The 3rd type of macros that I want to mention in this brief WoW keybindings guide are stance-change macros. Especially if you’re a warrior or death knight you need to change your stances quickly. A smart macro will allow you to do that quickly.

Emote macros may also help. There are plenty of “rage-kids” that play arena and “shooting” a few emotes at them, might make them lose their cool and make mistakes. I always have a “/dance” or a “/golfclap” macro at hand to mess with people in arena.

Now, as you can see, the macros I spoke about in this short WoW key bindings guide are general macros, usable by almost any class. Depending on the class you play, you can write specific macros that will considerably improve your gameplay. Example: every hunter should use a macro to launch their traps quickly.

Also, I must mention here that if you don’t want to bother thinking up macros or creating a super keybinding for your class, here’s an automatic WoW keybindings guide that I’m sure will bring you glory in arena.

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